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▓Macron said is necessary to combat climate change.It had been morphed into social rebellion wi▓th sometimes violent action causing weekly chaos in French cities, notably in Paris.A year on, and despi▓te billion-euro sweeteners Macron has alre

ady offered to defuse the tension, "many thousands of people" are set to participate in the 53rd act, suggesting that the gloom in the Elysee Palace is not over at a time when the contested pro-market reforms▓ start to bear fruit.UPBEAT ECONOM

IC OUTLOOKWhen Macron, the former investment banker, came to power on May 14, 2017, he promised to get the country out of weak growth, bring down rampant jobless rate and create more wealth.Half-way into his five year-term, economic activities in the eurozone's second main powerhouse hold up better than its European neighbours and u

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nemployment is down."The French economy ▓is doing better. More work needed to be done but th▓e government's economic policy already g▓ives results," tweeted on Friday Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.Macron had cut taxes on companies and investors and eased labor regulations to make hiring and firing easier to enco


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recruitment. As a result, 540,000 new jobs have been crea▓ted since 2017, while unemployment rate hits 10-year ▓low to 8.6 percent, government's data showed.Climate has changed enough in two years to make France a top destinatio▓n for foreign investment in Europe, according to Ernst & Young consultin

g firm.Amid high concerns about the international trade dispute and Brexi▓t impact, French economy, defying slowdown forecast, rose by

0.3 percent in the third quarter of 2019 than▓ks to boosted domestic demand, data from national statistics institute Insee showed.The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) predicted in its last interim outlook that French economy would expand by 1.3 percen

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